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What learning looks like at Leadenham CE Primary School

Leadenham School Vision 2020

Outdoor Learning

We believe in an outdoor learning approach. We have recently recieved £10000 in lottery funding to create our Woodland Classroom and Polytunnel. This further extends our outdoor learning facilities.

Latest Government backed research confirms effectiveness of approach 


The School aims to provide a supportive environment to develop well-balanced individuals who are enthusiastic and confident learners willing to make a positive contribution to society.

All our pupils will:

  • Develop learning skills and use them to make good progress across the curriculum
  • Be self-motivated, confident, well-balanced and adaptable individuals with a love of learning
  • Develop enquiring minds and an appreciation of the world around them
  • Develop their self-awareness, sense of spirituality and understanding of Christian values and beliefs
  • Be respectful of people from all cultures and understand their own responsibilities within our multicultural society
  • Know the importance of, and demonstrate, good manners and behaviour
  • Be willing to contribute to the well-being of other pupils, their families, the wider community and the environment
  • Understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle and apply it in their lives

To meet these aims the school will provide:

  • Each pupil with high quality teaching, which offers appropriate challenge and meets the needs of all pupils
  • A broad and balanced curriculum enhanced by a variety of visits, visitors and extra curricular activities
  • A supportive and caring ethos where all children’s efforts, achievements and good behaviour are valued, celebrated and rewarded
  • Opportunities for children to make choices and take responsibility in a stimulating environment in which investigative, creative, and collaborative learning methods are deployed and where learning is fun
  • Good role models to encourage and inspire a positive approach to personal challenge and healthy lifestyles, and to demonstrate the rewards of helping others and caring for the environment
  • Effective partnerships and communication with parents/carers, other schools, the Church and the community

Our commitment as a learning community will be demonstrated by:

  • Being self-evaluative and striving for continuous improvement in all that we do
  • Working collaboratively towards shared goals


The Cornerstones Curriculum 2015  

Over 1100 schools, 15000 teachers and 260000 children already love learning with the Cornerstones Curriculum.  Leadenham C of E Primary School will be launching Cornerstones from January 2015

Cornerstones' imaginative Learning Projects are flexible, thematic, and it is used for mixed classes, and we have created a roling prgramme of study to create a diverse and enriched child led curriculum, that covers the requirements for the new curriculum 2014. Leadenham has chosen the topics and activities that will inspire and engage our children the most.  

The learning projects feature:

  • hundreds of imaginative, engaging activities directly aligned with Programmes of Study for each year group
  • meaningful, cross-curricular links between Programmes of Study and each subject area
  • essential skills tied to each activity and year group
  • teacher notes that provide extra information, tips and ideas
  • homework ideas that offer exciting, open-ended activities that engage children and families.

Visit the Cornerstones Curriculum Website:

Please look at the rolling programme below for KS1 and KS2:

cornerstones 4 year curriculum.docx


Curriculum Outlines

2017 - 2018

Curriculum Overview Moon Zoom Autumn 2 KS1

Curriculum Overview Dinosaur Planet KS1 Autumn 1 2017

Curriculum Overview Tomorrow's World Y456 Autumn 1 2017



2016 - 2017

Curriculum Overview Y3 and 4 Summer 2 2017

Curriculum Overview Y5 and 6 Summer 2 2017

Curriculum Overview KS1 Muck Mess and Mixtures Summer Term 2 2017

Curriculum Overview Y5 and 6 Summer 1 2017

Curriculum Overview Y3 and 4 Summer 1 2017

Curriculum Overview KS1 Beat Band Boogie Summer Term 1 2017

Curriculum Overview ID Y3 and 4 Spring 2 2017

Curriculum Overview ID Y5 and 6 Spring 2 2017

Curriculum Overview Paws Claws and Whiskers KS1 Spring Term 4 2017

Curriculum Overview Room on a Broom for a Gruffalo KS1 Spring Term 1 2017

Curriculum Overview Y3 and 4 Tremors Spring Term 1 2017

Curriculum Overview Tremors Y5 and 6 Spring Term 1 2017

Curriculum Overview Scented Garden KS1 Autumn Term 1 2016

Curriculum Overview Memory Box KS1 Autumn Term 2 2016

Curriculum Overview Alchemy Island Y3 and 4 Autumn Term 1 2016

Curriculum Overview Alchemy Island Y5 and 6 Autumn Term 1 2016

Curriculum Overview Fallen Fields Y5 and 6 Autumn Term 2 2016


Autumn Thematic Curriculum

Autumn Mrs Walls

Autumn Mr Kilcoyne

Autumn Mr Nicholson

Spring 2015





Summer 2015

Collective Worship Themes

Autumn Term 2 2014

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